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Mesosilver is 0.9999 pure silver in colloidal form.

  • Relief without drugs or side effects.
  • Avoid the side effects of prescription drugs.
  • Reported to be an unparalleled germ fighter.
  • No drug interactions have ever been reported.
  • No adverse side effects have ever been reported.
  • Supports the immune system. 
  • Infinite shelf life.

No drug side effects

Some medications have nasty side effects, including liver damage. All natural Mesosilver is a pure silver colloid which has no side effects and is totally non-toxic. Mesosilver is taken orally to promote the health of the immune system. Click here to order

Effectiveness of Colloidal Silver is Unparalleled

Colloidal silver has a history spanning hundreds of years as an effective germ fighter. It is believed that the pathogens that cause infections cannot become immune to the killing power of colloidal silver. The known germicidal properties of silver combined with the high particle surface area of a colloid enhances the body's natural defense against infections without using drugs. No side effects from using colloidal silver have ever been reported.

What is the active ingredient in Mesosilver?

Mesosilver is 0.9999 pure silver sub-nanometer sized particles suspended in pure deionized water. This combination is called a colloid. The silver particles in Mesosilver have been measured to be 0.65 nanometers in diameter, which is slightly larger than twice the diameter of an atom of silver. Each silver particle consists of approximately 9 silver atoms. Because these silver particles are so small and the concentration of particles is high, the result is a silver colloid with a very high particle surface area. In the world of chemistry, surface area determines how effectively a substance will react with its environment. It is the surface area of the silver particles coming in contact with the microbes that is believed to kill them on contact. The germicidal properties of metallic silver have been known for hundreds of years. While the silver particles are believed  to be one of the most effective natural agents known for immune system support, they are non-toxic to humans. Click here to order

The magic combination of properties!

Mesosilver combines small particle size and high particle concentration, the magic combination of properties, to produce a colloidal silver product that has the highest particle surface area of any colloidal silver product ever tested. The Comparison Table shows how the particle surface area of Mesosilver compares to other products.

You should not use this product if you are allergic to silver!

Allergic reactions to silver, while not unheard of, are uncommon. Someone having an allergic reaction to silver would not be able to handle a metallic silver object such as silver jewelry without causing an allergic reaction. Those who are uncertain if they are allergic to silver should apply a few drops to the back of the hand to see if an allergic reaction results. If you do not see a reaction within 30 minutes you can be fairly certain that you are not allergic to silver.


Dosage is 4 tablespoons (2 oz.) taken four times daily on an empty stomach at least 15 -20 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal. This dosage will be needed for at least three months.

Using a dosage of four tablespoons 4 times daily, a one gallon jug will last about 16 days

Save this dosage information so you know how to use the product when you order. This information is not supplied with the product.

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Visit the Colloid Forum where users share their experiences. Here are first hand reports by users of MesoSilver who tell their stories of success in their battle against Lyme Disease.


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Available bottle sizes - One Gallon Jug (128 Fl. Oz), 500 mL (16.9 Fl. Oz.) and 250 mL (8.45 Fl. Oz.)

Recommended purchase: One gallon jug. At the recommended dosage, one gallon will last 16 days. In addition, consider our “carboy” 5 gallon item, which saves another 40% over the cost of buying gallon containers. The Carboy 5 gallon lasts about 2 ½ months.

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